Spam: The Conclusion

The Internet is a wonderful resource that can help you find out nearly anything you want to know. It’s also home to the same types of people who inhabit the real world: thieves, con men, liars, cheats, exploiters and other ruffians.

You can be robbed online just as easily as you can in a back alley. Keep alert! If something sounds too good to be true, and maybe it’s a scam, trust your instincts: avoid them. Delete their emails and don’t go to their web sites. There are plenty of good places to go.

It truly is up to you to be smart, to safeguard your computer, and to never buy from spammers. It’s part of being a good citizen online. If you suspect your computer has been taken over by these thieves, get help to get it cleaned up — now, not later! — or you will be partly responsible for the problem! You could be responsible for your friends losing their life savings. It’s that important.

Please make sure you’ve actually read the pages here: even long-time Internet “experts” have said that they have learned things from this site, so it’s worth a full scan even if you think you’re an expert. And if you’re not an expert? Well…!

And don’t just read the Executive Summary, either: the full articles include the “whys” behind our advice, and obviously has more detail than any summary can.

Last, please do pass the URL for this site to others you think could benefit from the information here. The more people that truly understand spam, the harder it will make things for spammers. And that’s really what this site is all about: making spam so unprofitable, the bastards that are doing it to us all will stop.

Well, we can always hope!

Last, I’ve been asked that if spam is not a legitimate way to market online, what is? Well, the way to do that is pay your way like any other legitimate business: web sites are generally funded by advertising, and that’s how they’re legitimately promoted, too. Not by spam, which is generally illegal and unethical.

Thanks for reading, and for helping others learn more about spam.

—Randy Cassingham
Author and Publisher, This is True®

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